A Study of The Evolution of Invisible Braces

You will be surprised to learn that it took almost hundred years to develop the invisible braces that are being used in the modern days. Here is a phase by phase evolution of the invisible braces that will provide you with a knowledge of how these tooth aligners were developed and modified until the invisible braces came into use.

1925 – The origin of the dental aligners dates back to 1925 when the ‘Flex-O-Tite’ gum massaging appliance was invented by Orrin Remensnyder for the treatment of dental diseases like periodontitis. A slight movement of the teeth was noticed as a side effect.

1946 – In 1946 the tooth positioner was invented by Kesling, which was made of vulcanite plastic elastic as a means of support for orthodontic treatment. The positioner was used with the dental brackets and other fixed appliances. It helped with the significant movement of the teeth by changing the setup during the process of the treatment, but there was still a scope for future development of the positioners.

1964 – Then came the plastic sheets in 1964, which was invented by Dr. Henry Nahoum, who developed the appliance on the idea of Kesling. The plastic sheets were made of thermoformed plastic, which helped significantly for the movement of the teeth. These plastic sheets were first recognized as dental aligners.

1993 – The technology followed for tooth alignment was popularized by John. J. Sheridan in the year 1993, when he invented the aligner system called Essix. A series of overlays made of thermoformed plastic were developed by the American orthodontist, which was used as appliances for tooth moving. Essix was found to be a better alternative for the tooth aligners developed previously. These aligners showed significant results in tooth alignment.

1997 – Ultimately, in the year 1997, the Invisalign came into the mainstream as a modern day tooth aligner. Invisalign was created by Align Tech and the concept became very popular due to the amazing results that were obtained.

There are many tooth aligners been used in the modern days, manufactured through developing techniques in orthodontics. The combination of high-quality materials and software has made it possible for the present day tooth aligners to become indispensable for tooth alignment. There are quite a few brands manufacturing the tooth aligners, which are sophisticated, which can help you achieve the desired results. Take advice from your orthodontist before choosing the right tooth aligners.

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