Types of Invisible Braces

Invisible braces can be a better alternative to the traditional methods of teeth alignment in most of the orthodontic cases, but choosing the right brace is important in order to get the desired results, depending upon the complexity of bite problems. There are several types of invisible braces that are available.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic Brackets

– Ceramic braces resemble the metal brackets except that the brackets and the wires are tooth-colored, making the braces less noticeable than the metal ones. These braces are non-staining, which blends with the color of the teeth. The ceramic braces are designed with composite materials which make them more brittle and weaker than the metal braces. Moreover, tiny ligatures or rubber bands are used to help the brackets to hold on to the archwire. In some types of ceramic brackets, spring clips are used, which are built in for the purpose of self-ligating. While the “self-ligating” clips do not require any retying with elastic or wires, staining can not be a problem, as the ligatures are changed after each adjustment, which is normally 30 days. Ceramic brackets are irremovable like the metal brackets and treatment with ceramic braces may take a longer time due to the brittleness, where strong force cannot be applied.

Inside braces and clear aligners

Inside braces and clear aligners

– The inside invisible braces as they are generally called are also known by the names “iBraces” and lingual braces. These types of braces and the clear aligners are virtually invisible and help in the process of the modern treatment for teeth straightening by lessening the period of treatment time. These braces are fixed to the inside of the teeth, making them invisible. In this modern treatment, scanned images of the inside teeth are obtained in order to design custom made inside braces, which makes it easier to shorten the period of the treatment time. This makes it appealing and more optional for those who are in public for most of the time.

Invisible braces

Clear aligners

– Clear aligners are custom made to fit in perfectly with the teeth, making them free of any irritation. They are resistant to wear due to clouding and are minimally invasive, making them comfortable. There are no chances of the brackets becoming loose or wires to cause discomfort. Clear aligners are easily removable and easy to clean, making them the best option for treatment for teeth alignment.

Make the right choice of invisible braces, keeping in mind the complexity of the problem and budgetary constraints.

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